Web Rebels 3rd edition is a wrap!

Web Rebels class of 2014

First off we just want to thank everyone who contributed to making the 2014 Web Rebels an amazing experience: attendees, open mic speakers, speakers, sponsors. We love you all and thank you for being our source of inspiration for doing this!

Every year we send out a survey to everyone attending the conference. It’s pretty short with just some simple questions asking and giving everyone a chance to give feedback on what was awesome and what could be improved. 

We try to strive for as much transparency as possible in everything we do. This year we thought publishing the entire summary of the feedback was a good idea, not because we want to brag or show off. We do this so everyone we cooperate with in order to make the conference happen can see for them selves the feedback we get from you. It is also our way of showing that we truly appreciate your input and we will try make improvements and make 2015 even better.

2014 feedback survey

Check out the entire survey summary if you want all the details. This year we tried a few new things which we weren’t sure exactly how would work. Last year our coffee wasn’t of the standard Web Rebels deserve, so this year we tried something different. With the help of Accenture, our Coffee sponsor, we were able to have coffee & tea served inside the venue by Solberg&Hansen. This was something which seems to have been a huge improvement as there were no mentions of bad coffee this year!

Another thing our attendees, and the organizers, wasn’t happy with last year was the lunch and lunch logistics. Thanks to the lovely people at Scandic Vulkan we were able to give out gift card to Mathallen to everyone instead of serving lunch at the hotel. Given the feedback in the survey, this was a big improvement and something we should continue doing.

Are we done?

We still think we can improve a great number of things and we believe we haven’t hosted the best Web Rebels Conference possible yet. Therefor we are most definetly going to do it again next year! We hope to see you all again next year and thanks again for your support. We do love you all you know!

Ticket raffle winner 2014!

We had high hopes of making the Mandrill Web Rebels Ticket Raffle a highly interactive experience live and online.

However due to the fact that our conference is fast approaching and we Norwegians are busy with our national holiday 17th of May, that isn’t happening

The Raffle

The raffle went live on http://localhost:6660 at 20:00 CET. It was done in with two witnesses and ran only once. Below you will find the console output for the people attending:

Logging into Google…
Logged into Google
Retrieved 44 cells and 22 rows
[ ‘miketaylr’,
  ‘colin’ ]



michael aka micpango! Your ticket is in the email and we look forward to seeing you! 
Many thanks to the awesome people at Mandrill for raffling their ticket!
Even more transparency for 2013

We published an info graphic earlier which shows what we spent money on for the conference. It only gave a hint of how we spent the money. A month ago our accountant sent us the end result for the financial year 2013 and we thought why not publish it in its entirety?

Our 2013 account report

It might not provide clarity, but we want to make sure everyone knows how we spend the money we get from sponsors and attendees. Attached to this post you will find the results exactly the way our accountant sent them. That means they are in Norwegian.

How we do budgeting

We have divided our budget int two; variable costs and fixed costs (this is probably budgeting-101 and it was something we learned from the amazing Oslo community). Fixed costs are things like venue rent, flying in speakers, speaker accommodation, sound guy at the venue etc. All the fixed costs are covered by our amazing sponsors. They play a huge part in making the conference awesome at an affordable price. If we can not find the money for the fixed part, there will be no Web Rebels.

Within the fixed costs we operate with the 3 levels of awesomeness. We have a bare minimum (awesome level 1) of fixed costs we need to run Web Rebels. That is paying for speakers travel, their stay and their food and renting a venue. If we manage to get more sponsor money than level 1, Web Rebels will run. Then there is level 2 and level 3 of awesomeness which kicks in based on the amount of sponsor money we manage to get. In these levels there are things like having entertainment, having someone film the event etc etc.

What level of awesome Web Rebels run at are all adjusted according to what we can spend. If we mange to get more money; more awesomeness. If we manage to save money on something; more awesomeness. 

Variable costs go back to the attendees. They consist of printing t-shirts, breakfast, drinks, etc. All variable costs are covered by ticket sales. If we sell 100 tickets we order 100 t-shirts, 100 lunches, etc. and we have no overhead and loss on that.

The advantage of this separation is that we can run our conference without selling a single ticket. It would be an awkward conference though… It also helps us sleep better at night, as it helps us avoid risking our personal finances.

Ticket price

This document does not provide a lot of clarity. So we wanted to show the attendees how we spent the money they gave us for their ticket. Our goal is to give back to the attendees as much as possible. However, we are coders, and not people used to handling budgets, so we are not quite there yet. We learn each year and 2014 should see an even bigger share going straight back to the attendees.

  • Breakfast buffet two days:  NOK 110
  • Lunch two days: NOK 1 045
  • Mineral water: NOK 42
  • Tokens to get free drinks at the party:  NOK 528
  • Plastic badge pockets: NOK 7,44
  • T-shirts NOK 91,50

Total: NOK 1,823.94 

Our ticket prices vary from 1 953 up to 2 980. Which means most of the money you pay us, goes directly back to you. We’re not masters at budgeting, so we have a small buffer. But, for each year we get better at the whole economics thing which means the buffer is less for each year.

We hope you appreciate our openness and if you have any questions, please let us know and we will answer them.

This is just a short summary of the stats from Web Rebels last year. We are very proud to have attendees from both North-America and Oceania, that is just amazing! Transparency in everything we do is very important to us and in an effort to be more open port of the infographic shows how we spend our money. We thought it was better to do that, than to just make our budget spreadsheet available online. However, if you’re an organizer or someone with a passion for budgets then by all means we can help you out by making it available to you :)

We have joined a global community
When we first started the Web Rebels conference, it was largely because we had attended JSConf conferences for a while. The experience and atmosphere of these conferences inspired us to try and accomplish something similar in our home town of Oslo, Norway.

We have always been a community conference, and we value the amazing developer community. Community groups have been getting a share of previous years’ profit, and we try to provide as much help as we can to meetup organizers throughout the year.

Thus it is only natural for us to join this community of conferences. It enables us to work together with other organizers around the world to create an even better Web Rebels conference. It also signals that we share the common values of the JSConf family of conferences.

What changes?
In short, nothing. We will run our conference the way we always have. The only difference is that we will be able to make the conference even better. Thanks to the JSConf and JSConf EU organizers for being a huge inspiration, and for their continued efforts in raising the bar when it comes to organizing technology conferences!

Hope to see you all in May 22nd-23rd, Oslo, Norway!

Community Love - part II

Once again everyone attending the conference made Web Rebels a magical experience and we love you all for making it such a great event!

Without the continuous work of community efforts such as Meetup groups holding a conference would be so much harder. We are standing on the shoulders of the giants who host these events every month throughout the year. Last year we had some money to spare after and we wanted to acknowledge the great efforts by the groups who are active in Scandinavia. We also gave away free tickets for meetup groups throughout Europe to give away to raffle. 

This year we’re proud to announce that we once again have some spare cash to help out! 

How did it go last year?

We supported some Meetups which approached us: Nodejs Oslo, Grensesnittet Trondheim and Framsia Meetup in Oslo. Paying simple things like the Meetup registration fees, but also sponsoring the transportation and acomodation of speakers. This year we hope to broaden our reach and help out groups in Scandinavia. If you run one, just let us know!

This year we actually managed to put up a guide for people attending our conference. It contains some of the organizers favorite places and it is not in any way sponsored by those listed there. 

Originally it was intended to show all the low budget stuff available in Oslo. However some of the places listed are not quite in that category. Most of the places are in the medium range in Oslo, but we will work harder next year for an even better guide to low budget stays in Oslo.


Giving back to the community

Web Rebels 2012 was a blast! We are still buzzing with excitement after having hosted our first ever conference. It was an amazing two days and we couldn’t have done this without the support of some of the web developer community in Norway. Our community is as viral as ever and a lot of brilliant people are putting in a lot of work. We know that pulling the strings in a community can be a lot of work and without financial support you can not accomplish everything you want to.

We love you, and we want to show it!

There are many ways to help a community achieve its goals, and there are many ways to give back. The Web Rebels Conference would not have been possible without the help of the community, and we want to help you guys reach your goals.

Therefore it is with immense pleasure that we can announce that a percentage of the money left from ticket sales will be going back into the meet up groups that helped us through our first year.

This year 30% of the profits made through ticket sales will be available for meet up groups! 

Currently there are three meetup groups we are helping:

How does this work?
Very few things in life come without limitations, and we have set some very simple rules which one must apply with to be legid for receiving some funding. Head over to  the Web Rebels community page for the gory details.

Where do I apply?
If you’re hosting a meetup and want us to support you head over to the Web Rebels community page where everything is laid out.

Is this for groups in Norway only?
No, we can do this if you host a web developer meetup in any Scandinavian country.

We had some help shooting videos from all the talks and here are the results. All the videos will be up on our Vimeo channel for those of you who weren’t able to make it. Enjoy!

We’re doing the accounting thing these days and one of the funny things to look at is the beer tab from the party :) The party was amazing and we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We figured it’d be interesting to see what kind of beer taste the Rebels have. Below is the top 9 beer brands consumed using what is called the “bong system” in Norwegian.
161 Ringes Lager 0.5l on tap
79 Paulander
68 Herslev
45 Brooklyn Lager
39 Bulmer Sider
37 Sol
35 Carlsberg
33 Ægir IPA
23 Alhambra
24 Brookly IPA
As you can see, we had a pretty good time hanging out. Having a nice selection of beers is no necessity, but it doesn’t hurt either

We’re doing the accounting thing these days and one of the funny things to look at is the beer tab from the party :) The party was amazing and we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. We figured it’d be interesting to see what kind of beer taste the Rebels have. Below is the top 9 beer brands consumed using what is called the “bong system” in Norwegian.

  • 161 Ringes Lager 0.5l on tap
  • 79 Paulander
  • 68 Herslev
  • 45 Brooklyn Lager
  • 39 Bulmer Sider
  • 37 Sol
  • 35 Carlsberg
  • 33 Ægir IPA
  • 23 Alhambra
  • 24 Brookly IPA

As you can see, we had a pretty good time hanging out. Having a nice selection of beers is no necessity, but it doesn’t hurt either